Thursday, July 21, 2011

$40.00 worth of toothbrush sanitizers for $10.00 or $30.00's worth of custom pillows for $5.00

 I didn’t know they made such affordable toothbrush sanitizers! 
They actually Kill 99.9% of bacteria which sounds pretty awesome!
That could make a difference in the health of you and your family and prevent common ailments such as colds ALL YEAR LONG! (tooth brush sanitizers) and SaveMore have teamed up to offer $40.00’s worth of sanitizing products +FREE Shipping for just $20.00! 

 SaveMore is also offering $15 for $30 Worth of Personalized Pillowcases & Pillows from Bunnies & Bows!  Since you get $10.00 credit That means this deal only costs $5.00 and you get $30.00 worth of pillows! They have this really cute Tooth Fairy Pillow for just $10.00!

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