Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's worth it to complain...

I am not big on complaining..something REALLY has to make me angry/upset and that does not happen often. Well, it happened recently and I thought I would share my experience - as it is very useful information!
I went to Longhorn Steak House (if you don't have one near you, its part of the olive garden- red lobster franchise)anyways I had a really bad experience there. I would normally say something to the manager if I did want to complain but my sister was with me and she HATES complaining! So I let it slide...but when I got home I was still upset and decided to Email cooperate (almost every company web page has a cooperate email address for complaints and compliments). Anyways...a few days later I got a $50.00 GIFTCARD in my mailbox to Longhorn with a huge apology letter! WOW! ...The point of this story is, don't just sit back - if something isn't how it should be let the company know...chances are they will make it right! The same thing goes for COMPLIMENTS! If someone/something exceeded your expectations LET THEM KNOW! One time I had an amazing server at TGI Fridays and I let the manager know just how great she was because she deserved recognition. The manager ended up giving me a free dessert of my choice for the compliment!

 Do not abuse this as it is not fair for people who really have a complaint/compliment but just keep it in the back of your head. If you can back up your claim and its legitimate- take action!

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