Sunday, July 17, 2011

ED HARDY KIDS SHOES TODAY AT MYHABIT- $25.00 off + free shipping = FREE

Today MyHabit has Ed Hardy kids shoes at 12pm ET. I am wondering if any of these will be under $25.00! I hope so- I would love to score some free Ed Hardy Shoes!!

Myhabit is one of’s shops. Right now they are offering a code for $25.00 off plus free shipping so you can get amazing deals because most of there stuff is under $25.00. IT SELLS OUT VERY QUICKLY! New items are posted daily at 9am PST (12pm ET).  Look through all the merchandise that has been listed the past week (all the good deals are sold out already) and you will see there are some amazing deals! As long as you log onto the site at EXACTLY 12, you will get a good deal too…They sometimes have 100 dollar items mixed in with $10.00 items, you just have to be quick! use code SUMMER25 at checkout.

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