Monday, July 25, 2011

*Mystery "AS SEEN ON TV" box*

/I just bought one of these Mystery "as seen on TV" boxes. It is loaded with cool stuff--the interesting part is I have no clue what is in it!!!! I have decided what I don't like I will put in my "gift closet" where I store all of my recyclable gifts! Anyways, you should definitely take a look at this Mystery Box- its valued at $148.93 and you get it for $18.99. There are tons of positive are the clues for what is in the mystery box:
Item #1 - It's a basket that lets you put food in it to cook, boil or deep fry foods with ease.  Think of it like a strainer or colander with handles
Item #2 - A durable metal non-stick coated pan with an 18 section divider, designed to make delicious treats like brownies or other treats that you might cut up the same way.
Item #3 - Not one, but two pedicure foot files oval shaped.  And not just the regular version, but a special version with extra things
Item #4 - Perfect for the car, this is a Hands free cellphone transmitter turns your radio into a hands free system so you can make calls with ease
Item #5 - It's a battery operated duster. The deluxe edition with 3 changable heads and a 2 oz. multi surface spray.  Plus, we'll add 5 additional 2 oz spray bottles at no additional charge.  Why? Because we have them.
Item #6 - Not ONE but THREE. Not really an As Seen On TV item, but pretty cool, so we're substituting it in.  These are formula one race cars, about 7" long that you can pull back and let go for racing action.  Plus, each car is filled with 1.4 oz. of fruit shaped hard candy (not for children under 3)
Item #7 -  This item is a rib rack and is used for cooking ribs on your barbecue grill
Item #8 - Mystery as seen on TV item from one of several things we have only a few of.

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