Friday, August 12, 2011

$1,000,000.00 Giveaway || Zumbox

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Zumbox is a free service that provides you with a combination digital mailbox and filing system - a Zumbox - based on your street address.

Once customers sign into an account, they can then--for each biller sending them statements--optionally turn off the paper delivery they've been getting. Zumbox can alert users' preexisting e-mail accounts when they have new statements ready for them. The consumer advantage over getting regular e-mail from a biller? It's a central, secure clearinghouse for bills, and it's archived at the Zumbox site. For the biller, the big advantage, as I said, is setup, since they already know their customers' physical addresses. 

Zumbox Works with Mailers

We work directly with mailers to deliver a digital version of the mail they already send to you to your Zumbox. This is done automatically, at the same time the document is created for printing.

You Sign Up - It's Free

You sign up for Zumbox by providing your name and street address. Zumbox automatically matches you with the companies who mail to your address and support Zumbox.

Zumbox Verifies Your Address - Your Mail Is Delivered

We send a verification code to the address you entered. Once you get the code, enter it to verify you receive mail at that address. As soon as you verify your account, mail from supported companies will be delivered to your Zumbox.

You Enjoy a Better Mail Experience

Once in your Zumbox, you can view your mail from your computer or mobile device, set reminders, follow links to pay bills or access your account, print specific pages and organize an archive that will be available whenever you need it. When you know you don’t need it any more, stop the paper version so you only receive the digital copy.

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