Tuesday, August 2, 2011

FREE things you and your kids can do in your own back yard

Kids get restless during the summer! All they want to do is keep busy--but keeping busy can sometimes be hard on your pockets/pocketbook! Let your kids explorer their creative side with these cool FREE activities!

  • Let your children explore – read this essay at the magic onions – lots of thoughtful questions.

  • Lets explore has downloadable lists of free activities and ideas if you are stuck in a rut.

  • When the kids are bored – use this neat idea from Brassy Apple to kick start some creativity. [and thanks Brassy Apple for the link below]

  • Digital reflections has 100 free things to do with your kids this summer .

  • New urban habitat has a few free activities for your toddlers.

  • Blissfully domestic has a list of earth friendly projects you can do as a family.

  • Grass stained guru has a list of 10 activities that all kids should get to do.

  • Some tips from Nicole of planning with kids how to organise your family and kids to keep stress at bay!

  • Try these 5 educational activities you can do in your own backyard.

  • Join the playtime community at let the children play.

  • Make eggshell planters

  • Go fishing with your kids!

  • The Crafty Crow has a list of gardening projects you can do with kids.

  • Learn about worms.

  • 15 ways to grow closer as a family.

  • Gardening for kids.

  • Go camping in your own backyard.

  • More ideas for family fun in the backyard.

  • More activities in the Action Pack. Free download on how to make a fish trap.

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