Monday, August 22, 2011

Reviews || Sign up

I am going to start reviewing products. 
I really enjoy trying new things and giving an honest opinion of my experience!

I can review one-three products per week..
If you want to send me a sample of your product and I will write up a couple of paragraphs about my experience and even take some pictures! 
I will also feature some information about your product on our facebook page and blog for 1 week
I will also do a Q&A segment with specific questions from our readers...

(If you want to offer a free sample too me and one of our lucky readers that would be even better- 
you would end up with TWO reviews !!!)

Once I finish my review you can offer a special discount code to our readers so that they can score your product and get a great deal! 

Inquire by e-mailing me at
or post something on our wall

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