Saturday, August 20, 2011

TWO TEETH WHITENING PENS || $20.00 w/ free shipping

$20.00 for Two Forever White Teeth Whitening Pens with Free Shipping at Beaming White (a $40.00 value)


1 Day : 20H : 4M


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  • Free First Class Shipping

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Show off those pearly whites whit today's DailyDeelz: just $20 buys two Forever White™ Teeth Whitening Pens from Beaming White (a $40 value)! It's enough to bring a smile to any face. And if that's not enough, free First Class Shipping is included.

The Forever White™ Teeth Whitening Pen is quick, easy, safe, effective, and with this deal, super affordable! No wonder it’s the #1 teeth whitening pen available today.

Forget about messy trays and syringes that you need to use every day for two weeks.The Forever White™ Teeth Whitening Pen is the most practical way to whiten your teeth or to maintain the whiteness after a chair-side treatment. This pen is not only effective, it is extremely attractive and fits in the smallest of places. You simply smile, paint the gel on your teeth, and go on about your business. You will see results after a few days, and excellent results after a week or two.The Beaming White pen contains 35% carbamide peroxide and works in one or two uses, immediately and painlessly removing stains caused by drinking coffee, tea, cola, red wine or smoking.Save 65%

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