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Check out this review and look for a special coupon code
and free lip gloss offer at the bottom of this post
I really needed some eye Depuffer because my sinuses and a lack of sleep had caused my eyes to become VERY puffy! I found this awesome shop on Etsy called 
Progress In Health INC. and I decided to purchase the
All Natural Eye Depuffer  Balm SOOTHE (TM)  Helps With Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles with argan oil  Non-comedogenic   Proven Effective
It is BEYOND amazing! 
I have used to two times now and it has improved how I look 
and actually helped me sleep better at night. The smell is amazing!
It smells so soothing and helped me relax. 
In the morning I put it on again -
it almost felt like I was treating myself to a lobster dinner or piece of expensive cake
I thought to myself, how could $5.00 eye depuffer feel this good?
 I had not even had the Depuffer on for 24 hours and I had already felt much more relaxed than I had last time I splurged and spent $215.00 at a local spa.
My guess is that all of the Natural ingredients are like Heaven for your skin and face! 
This is only $5.00 and I Highly recommend it!

The owner of this awesome shop sent me a couple of other products to review which I fell in love with.. She sent me three mineral makeup sticks which could be used as lipsticks or cheek color. I actually applied them to my lips, cheeks and eyes! 
I also used the Mineral eyeshadow and eyeliner stick on my had a very subtle Glitter and Shimmer which picked up my old tired eyes and really made them shine!
I loved the coverup it was VERY LIGHT and VERY NATURAL
I used the coverup as a way to even out my skin tone..I also applied bronzer to my skin. Let me tell you, I am one that use to go tanning in the tanning booth because I hate being such a pasty white completion..I have tried EVERY bronzer and self-tanning lotion known to man. I use to have this Estee Lauder bronzing lotion that I purchased about 4 years ago...When I ran out last year I found out Estee Lauder stopped making it which was big bummer! I have been trying to find a comparable product and I think that the Goddesss Glow Bronze from ErulieCosmertics
Is as close as it gets! This bronzer is SMOOTH, SOFT and most importantly EASILY BLENDED. It has such a subtle shimmer and color that it brightens your skin instantly! 
The fact that you can buy a sample size for $3.00 is AMAZING!

It only took me 5 minutes to apply this makeup and it stayed on my face for the whole day! Normally I have issues with sensitively, my eyes will water or my face will break out...but I was able to wear this all-natural makeup all day without any problems! 

Here is the makeup  I used:

I am running late so without time to shower this is a picture of me rolling out of bed and looking in the mirror...
AHHH Scary! ..didn't even brush my hair yet
Looking a little better I have put my hair back and applied some coverup
Coming along nicely..I have added some black eye liner and some blush -
I also applied blush to my eyes
I added some bronzer- I always like to add the bronzer at the end otherwise having to wipe up eyeshadow and eyeliners usually required you to add more bronzer 
(double the bronzer- double the cost)
I added some lipstick and applied a clear gloss over it! 
BEFORE          AND          AFTER

 Do you see how much more of a GLOW my skin has?
I received so many compliments =-p

I contacted the shop owner and asked her a couple of is what she had to say:

1. How come your products are so cheap compared to those sold in department stores or Walmart/Target?
I want everyone to have access to the best all natural makeup on the market today. We all deserve healthy products with integrity, not mass produced commercial products with the cheapest ingredients that are loaded with toxins.

2.There are a lot of makeup shops on Etsy why would should we buy from you?
I offer some innovative products that are made with high quality ingredients that will exceed expectations. My customer service is also top notch.

3. What made you start this business?
First,I started this company because personally I was tired of using chemicals on my face and I felt they were aging me. Second, because I wanted to prove you can create products that were not available on the market that are better than commercial brands. Third, my love of beauty products and my concern for other women who were frustrated with allergic reactions, sensitivities and acne from their makeup.

4. What if a customer is not satisfied with a product?
This happens very infrequently but if a customer isn't satisfied they are welcome to contact me and we resolve the issue quickly and professionally.
5.Do you do any custom orders or requests?
I do make products that have been requested and I will continue to do that in the future.
Custom orders are fulfilled based on the product that is requested.

6. Do you have a webpage outside of Etsy?
My website is: or
I offer a full line of color cosmetics, acne treatments and holistic skin care products. We have a sales representative program available and a newsletter and blog. Our facebook page is :!/pages/Erzulie-Cosmetics/57912774603
Twitter: naturalcosmetic

and the brands are: Erzulie® Awaken Your Inner Goddess™
Naturegirlz™ (Tween line)
Progress™ True Holistic Skin care

7. What are your products made of?
The products are made of organic and all natural ingredients.

8. Are your products made in bulk?
The products are made in small batches, They have a shelf life of 3 years and the eye products: mascaras and gel eyeliners have a shelf life of 18 months.

9. Do you wear your own makeup ?
I wear and use my makeup and skin care exclusively. I do test other brands for development purposes. We never test on animals.

10. Do you have a coupon code or special offer for our readers?
Type in: integrity in the coupon code for 10% your order on the website and receive a free lip gloss when you order from etsy and say your from Coupon Clipinista
Click here for fun facts about Progress In Health INC. and the President Rhonda Demars

If you want to purchase some makeup head over to and get 10% off your order by using the code INTEGRITY. Let them know that we send you and you will get a 
FREE LIP GLOSS with your order!
I found this shop on Etsy here is the link: Progressinheath
  but I think their website makes it much easier to find what you need

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